Secure Scanning

Document Scanning

A Complete Digital Conversion Solution

Do you have thousands of paper documents taking up valuable space and making it difficult for you to instantly find the information you need? With 30 years of experience, the professionals at Secure Scanning will convert paper documents of any shape and size into instantly retrievable PDF word searchable digital files that can be stored on your computer or a shared server.

Whether you’re a medical practice that wants to scan patient files; a lawyer who wants to scan and retrieve client documents; a business that wants to scan incoming Accounts documents / Engineering Drawings or simply trying to clear out the paper archives, Secure Scanning can remove your paper files to instantly free valuable office space.

Socument Scanning
  • Scanned files work with – or without – a records management system
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Protect records from disaster
  • Compliantly store records for as long as required
  • Search by keyword in easy-to-use digital files
  • Quality assurance checks, guaranteed work, and quick turn-around times
  • Bankers box paper record storage available (with scan and send on demand service)
  • Confidential Shredding

Whether we are removing staples , clips and pins, scanning paper or indexing the digital files, our document conversion bureau is fitted with the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality images are fully prepared, verified and delivered back to you as per your instructions.

Secure Scanning is a leader in confidential and secure document scanning. Our fully-qualified staff are all trained in the highest levels of quality control and all have signed appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement forms to ensure full data protection and confidentiality of our clients paper files.

Secure Scanning can help you evaluate your document scanning requirements and recommend a solution for your organization. Contact Secure Scanning Services today at 01179 517 517.

Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning Services

Microfilm Scanning

Leverage the power of electronic records by converting your out-of-date microfilm and microfiche archive to a digitised, cost effective and
convenient document retrieval solution.

At Secure Scanning, we pride ourselves on speed, accuracy, security and quality. Our industry leading equipment and years of experience guarantees you a microfilm and microfiche scanning service of the highest standard and best value for money.

Through the use of advanced workflow software, Secure Scanning can provide optimum digitisation efficiency, to significantly reduce your costs associated with converting microfilm to pdf (Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Cards). This efficiency is achieved by our adoption of enterprise level automation and QA processes that align with your specific project requirements.


Our conversion technology can digitise any type or size of microfilm, cartridge or microfiche as below:
microfilm and microfiche scanner


  • 3M Cartridge
  • Open Reel
  • ANSI Cartridge
  • 16mm and 35mm


  • Originals and Duplicates


  • Originals and Duplicates
  • Jacketed or Combination
  • COM Fiche 42x & 48x
  • Source Doc
  • Vesicular
  • Diazo
  • 16mm and 35mm

Photograph & Slide Scanning

Convert your old photos / Slides /Negatives to digital images

We use the latest high quality photograph & Negative scanners that are designed specifically for scanning photographs & Slides. They produce a high quality digital image which is why Secure Scanning is ranked the number #1 Scanning Company in the South West.

The digital images are returned on disc or USB memory stick.

What is a loose photo?

Loose photos are bundles or packs of photographs that are not held or mounted in a frame, album or glued to a board. They can be in boxes, envelopes or the paper photograph wallets from the developer. We cannot scan photographs that are held in albums, they must be removed from the album prior to us scanning them.

Photograph sizes

This service scans any mix of loose photographs from 2″ up to A4 in size.

All photos should be free from any adhesive pads, debris (such as album backing paper or residue), staples, paper clips, blu-tac or any other foreign objects that may damage our scanners or more commonly, your photographs.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to scan photographs that are smaller than 2″ in size, such as passport photographs. Small photographs such as these tend to either jam the feeder mechanism or are not captured by the sensor when passed through the scanner.

No need to count them

We always adjust the invoice to cover the exact number of photographs scanned, as a guide a regular shoe box generally holds around 1000 stacked photographs.

How to help us

When batching your photographs together please ensure that the front faces of all the images are facing the same way.

Scanning to named folders

We can place each batch or bundle of photographs into a separate named folder if you wish.


Scanning to named folders is normally free but where a batch contains less than 8 photo or Slide and is presented in sealed envelopes or bags, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of 40p per folder to cover the extra time taken to open the container and name the batch accordingly.



  • 600dpi HD scan, 1200dpi available
  • Returned as regular JPG files
  • High quality results from photo scanners
  • Mix any size colour with b&w photos
  • Rotated correctly and cropped
  • Free collection on orders over £250

Price List

Below is our current price list, all prices include VAT, if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us.

Photo Scanning

Quantity: Resolution: 300dpi Resolution: 600dpi
1-149 Photos
150-239 Photos
240-449 Photos
500-1000 Photos

Negative & Slide Scanning

Media: Resolution: 1800dpi Resolution: 2400dpi
0.34p each
0.44p each
0.34p each
0.44p each

Return Postage

We will return your photos, negatives along with the digital copy on CD by return of post charged at £4.99 using Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

3 Month Year backup included

After we return your images to you we keep a copy of them on our servers for up to 3 Months. So if you lose your images we can replace them for you without having to rescan your images. If you wish us to delete all images on completion we will do so.

Free batching and naming of subfolders

We can place each batch or bundle of images into a separate named folder if you wish. When naming the batches, please use short descriptions such as “Holiday 1992”, “John and Lisa wedding” or “Christmas 1989”, longer descriptions will be truncated. Also remember that the folders will appear in alphabetical and numerical order on the disc or USB drive. So for example, if you wish to have the batches grouped and ordered by date then the date should form the first part of the title. For example “1994 Holiday”, “1999 Wedding”.
Most old images will benefit from some form of colour restoration, which is why we include it free with all scans. Please note that extremely faded or colour cast images may be beyond

Everything is returned to you upon completion.

All original images are returned to you along with your digital images, unless you specifically request us not to return the originals.

Other Common questions

Do you lock the images or can I do what I want with them?

We do not lock the images in any way, or hold any copyright over them. They are standard digital JPG files which you can view and edit as you would any digital image. We place no restriction on editing, copying or sharing of the images, they are yours to use however you wish.

How long does it take?

We scan thousands of items every day and normally try to complete each order within 7 working days or less, though during busy periods it may take us a little longer. If you are in a hurry just say and we will see what we can do.

When do I pay?

Payment is not due until your order is complete. It is always required prior to us returning any completed order back to you. We notify you once your order is completed.

Why convert your images to digital?

Having your films, slides and photos scanned and converted to digital images not only preserves them before they deteriorate, but it allows you to view and share them using todays digital equipment, such as a PC / Mac, laptop, tablet, mobile device, TV or Digital photo frame. You can upload them onto Social Networking sites, such a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or share them with anyone you wish using an online photo album. The images can also be imported into Microsoft Powerpoint for presentation use and are suitable for use on high resolution projection systems. You can also print the images either at home, or using a printing lab either on the high street or online. 


Having your images scanned to digital allows you to distribute copies of the images to friends and family and can make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for a family member or friend.